Embark on a culinary journey with Kanna Curry House’s timeless flavours

Flavors Preserved through Tradition and Savored for Many Years.

In Kualalumpur, Malaysia, Kanna Curry House has been preserving traditional South Indian food since 1976.

Our lunches on banana leaves have remained strongly flavoured by family recipes for more than 40 years and three generations.

It’s not just food, either. You are taken right into the centre of our customs from the very first bite

since 1976

Where heritage meets your plate

About Us

Legacy in flavour - crafting timeless culinary experience for generations

We have been serving since 1976 to deliver authentic and unforgettable dishes. Our founder’s recipe ensures a fresh, hearty and unforgettable dining experience.

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Explore culinary artistry – Journey through our visual feast!
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Roti Telur

Roti Bawang

Roti Bomm

Roti Planta

Roti Sardin

Roti Tampal

Roti Jantan

Savour signature delights / Our Most cherished creations

From traditional banana leaf to flavourful curries, each dish tells a story. Experience the essence of Chettinad Cuisine in Malaysia!
Why Choose Us

Tradition meets excellence

Choose Kanna Curry House for time-honoured recipes, warm hospitality, and a dining legacy spanning decades.

Authenticity Personified

Our recipes, passed down through generations, capture the true essence of Chettinad culinary traditions.

Culinary Craftsmanship

Immerse yourself in a symphony of flavours meticulously crafted by our skilled chefs.

Warm Hospitality

Beyond meals, we serve hospitality, making every visit a memorable affair.


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Tantalize your taste buds

Join us in a gastronomic adventure where every bite narrates a tale of heritage and flavour.